Friday, June 15, 2007

Digital Literacies

I read snbeach’s entry about NECC in my RSS aggregator and clicking through found your session at NECC entitled: Contemporary Literacy in the New Information Landscape. This sounds compelling, so I began reading…I read that you would begin by clicking blog entries about your session, if any. “If any”? You have got to be kidding, Mr. Warlick! You are an icon! That’s about all I can think…you have got to be kidding!
Preparing our children with digital literacies in lieu of paper-based literacies is what our jobs entail! As Karl Fisch reminds us, those who enter Kindergarten this fall will graduate in 2020. Time is running out and those wrinkles are scrunching up, causing their folds to touch in more and more unexpected places. (It’s not a flat world…it’s a wrinkled one)
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