Friday, June 29, 2007


It's after the conference, the conference of the year perhaps. How has the NECC experience impacted you?
I observe more camaderie, more networking, more empathy. These qualities may have always been there, but we were not as aware of them as we all are now. From the distress of Crafty's family stuck in Miami and Grenier stuck in Atlanta, to the concern over Pederson finally making it home, to the bigger questions of where do we go now, the evidence of our networks are palatable.
Those compelling discussions held at NECC, especially in the famed Bloggers Cafe, are being continued. That is the whole point in a nutshell, if you will. We all have solidified our networks, even those of us not lucky enough to attend NECC.
About what do I hope the community will converse now that the conference is over? A regular webcast entitled "The Bloggers Cafe" for those discussions that we all need to energise us, challenge us, and animate us.
An edubloggercon-type meeting sometime this fall and next spring. Can we all wait until NECC? Maybe a virtual meeting would be more inclusive. Or one for the westcoast and one for the eastcoast.
Continued networking and standardization of our tags. I think edubloggerconers suggested something like school+grade or age level+big picture topic + detailed topic +medium. So for example I would write: bca 7thgrade math fractions podcast. We need community consensus...
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