Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Be a reflective practitioner...

By reflecting on how my students learn best, can I augment my ability to reflect upon my own practices? I often wonder if I am being who He wants me to be - am I humble and meek enough?
Am I facilitating my students in acquiring the tools that will assist them in success or am I serving self interests?
As Jane comments in the Time4Online conference forums, do I close the classroom door on learning at the end of the day or am I passionate about lifelong learning?
There is a popular Christian song right now that asks: are we who we want to be? Am I? Well, no. I am not satisfied with the "teach from the book" status quo curriculum. Like my principal says, I teach a dynamic curriculum in a Christian school. Maybe that is just his way of saying be ready to teach anything. As long as I keep learning!
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