Thursday, June 21, 2007

Be Alert - the world needs more lerts!

In order to remain competitive, the USA needs have what Janet Napolitano calls a Sputnik Moment, recently written about in Miguel Gulhlin's blog .
She claims that the manner in which we teach students must change and change quickly. In 1957, we were caught off guard by the launch of Sputnick. The country resolved to put a man on the moon. Remember that speech? We all thought our president was crazy.
We need such a Sputnik moment now. We need something behind which to rally support.This country needs high-speed broadband across the nation. We need hardware in the schools. Every student needs to be prepared with 21st century skills If we don't meet this challenge we will fall from the economic, military, and cultural dominance in which we have basked for so long. Are we ready to play second fiddle?
Karl Fisch alerts us that those entering Kindergarten this fall will graduate in 2020. Are we going to give them skills they need or are we going to call it business as usual? Are we going to remain economically, militarily and culturally competitive or will someone else take the lead?
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