Sunday, June 10, 2007

Are you in the Flow?

Multi-tasking is taken for granted by many today. Students write email, listen to music, compose homework answers, have cell phones turned on, and have music on in the background. These ideas are from Dana Wilbur that I am listening to while I write this, comment on a ning community site for preservice teachers, comment on Twitku, check email, and have Meebo on in case a student or parent would want to talk.
The paradigm for learning is being called new. It is multimodal, 4D, not one plane anymore we are being told. We are like the honeycombs of Teemu, like the wrinkles that scrunch up and touch in unexpected places. Our languages are evolving to make our learning formats more interconnected. Networks are increasing in importance and singularity is decreasing. I think we have always been made for relationship, for networks. Web2.0 tools just facilitate our networking.
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Jose said...

So this is what you mean by our networks/learning is wrinkled and not flat. I got it, I think.