Wednesday, May 23, 2007


To what do they refer? Location, right. We use them all the time. But what need for physical location references is there in a virtual world?
Those digital natives are already eliminating them in their language. Watch out, Merriam-Webster!
For example, my kids don't "comment on" a blog post, like you or I would. They "comment" someone. I intuitively correct them. But should I? Shouldn't they rather correct me? I need to comment people, not comment on their posts. They are leaving out the prepositions and doing the verbs to people, not their products. What a lesson this is for me!
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Mr. Powell said...

I understand that language is fluid. I insist, however, students learn the the etiquette of proper discourse. If prepositions begin to disappear in our daily use, I will learn to accept that fate. MaNY YEARS AGO, My tenth grade English teacher told us about a change in usage of the word "gift." He read a portion of a New Yorker article where the writer used "gift" as a verb. That was a phenomenal change to me. Could today's digital natives be setting a new trend? That remains to be seen. Maybe I am reluctant to turn over the rules of good writing to ones who are less experienced.