Thursday, May 10, 2007

Another Meme - oh bother...

This one is a differentation meme....
e following are my answers to the 10 questions about classroom differentiation.
1. Do you differentiate by content, instructional method, assignment or some other way?
All of those.
2. For whose benefit do you differentiate? The students' benefit obviously.
3. To what percentage do you differentiate you assignments? 100%, 50%, 10%?
4. What are the immediate student benefits of differentiation?
The ability to do the work and feel successful. Teaching them in their zone of proximal development.
5. What are the long term benefits for teachers?
Increased breadth of instructional strategies.
6. Were you taught about differentiation before or after you became a teacher?
In grad school.
7. Does differentiation take more of your time to implement than other instructional approaches?
8. How do you keep from differentiating only to your own interests and styles?
Refer to Gardner's MI theories in a grid with Bloom's. I have yet to put in Blooms revised, but that is a good idea.
9. Is there such a thing as too much differentiation?
I don't think it's possible.
10. Have you ever sat through a lecture on differentiation? Bonus: Did you find it ironic?
Every sage on the stage workshop, conference, presentation, & lecture is ironic. I try not to be rude and I think I fail miserably.
(Can you perceive how tired I am?)
I tag the following 5 people:
Brian Crosby
Wes Fryer
Eduardo Peirano
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