Monday, April 16, 2007

True Blogging According to a Middle School Student

Hey People!
I haven't really blogged for a few days. Yes, I did my homework and study skills assignments, but true blogging? Nope, I haven't. But what IS true blogging? I think that true blogging is when you sit down and actually write about anything. Just that you are writing about how you feel or even what you are thinking! What a person writes about tells you little bit about them. Maybe someone wrote about being sad, well, what if they were feeling sad and wanted to help the world see that they can overcome this feeling? I know many people write about their favorites. Blogging is fun! Totally Awesome!

I challenge you to go, sit down, relax, and share with the world!
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1 comment:

Jeff VanDrimmelen said...

That's great! I need to do more true blogging... it seems I always have to have an agenda... sometimes it is just good to write!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts today!