Friday, April 13, 2007

That wrinkled world

I recently wrote that the world is not flat but that it is wrinkled, with four dimensions hitting us from all sides simultaneously. So it would follow that in order to teach effectively, one would have to attack the issue from four directions, pushing against all pressure points — text, sound, images, video. David Warlick says knowledge is crucial, and subtle differences actually awaken our brains. Like the jungle of the brain envisioned by the Sylvesters' back in...oh my I almost wrote "back in the day", but I could see the ghosts of students past shaking their fingers at me!

Warlick, D (2007, April 13). Literacy & Learning in San Antonio. Retrieved April 13, 2007, from 2 cents worth Web site:

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David Truss said...

I like "The World is Wrinkled" as a metaphor... it sort of fits with wrinkles in time, and provides promise, (even for an educational system that seems stuck in the past). I recently referred to the world as woven... I sort of thought of it as intertwined with each tug influencing everywhere else.
If we can differentiate learning as you suggest in your next post... if we can use technology for learning, then perhaps we might be able to wrinkle or weave or way to a more meaningful educational system.