Monday, April 2, 2007

Stop Cyberbullying in Italian

Two Italian students of Claude Almansi inserted the Cyberbullying Project video into a wiki page they made on cyberbullying. Their teacher used mojiti to subtitle the video in Italian. Her subtitled work can be viewed at
This website enables anyone to annotate any work. This can be very useful to language teachers as well as any teacher who wishes to leave notes on a work that students view.
I also found The Machine is Using Us at in French (I think) by Pierre Lachance
and Portugese by pilgerowski, and Spanish by Jota. The youtube videos we Americans are watching are being watched and translated worldwide.
It truly is a global audience, and though I tell the students this everyday, I think the reality of it hits my more squarely between the eyes when I see a site like this! If I could get my aunt to turn on a computer, I could show her watch I watch and translate the words for her. I know my German is very poor, but she makes allowances for her niece....
Here is their commercial...pretty cool

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Durff said...

Sorry this is so shallow. I am at home sick Monday and Tuesday. I am not enjoying this at all!