Monday, April 9, 2007

Scientific Question from 2 cents worth

Dave asks us to consider whether the great teachers in our lives influenced us in ways that could be measured with quantitative research. I replied:
That's easy - there is no way to quantify the influence really great teachers had on who I am today! Overall, it was a love of learning and an attitude that drew me. I was enraptured not by quantifiable facts or degrees or accomplishments (though those things were present) but I became enraptured by their appetites for constant learning. How does one put that in a bottle and measure it? There have been so many in so many fields....Mr. T., Nancy C., Ken S., Dusty, Mr. Sherrin, Mrs. Stearns, Jane, Bonnie (I went to a Quaker HS & all where called by first names), Dr. Hoover, Nancy A., Dr. Bufalino, oh the list could go on and on and.....

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