Thursday, April 19, 2007

Perspectives on life from a Senior High viewpoint

Life now these days is hard. In addition to that it is also enjoyable. Because you don't know what is going to happen on the first, second, or third parts of the day (morning, evening, night). But sometimes days go by in a flash. But when getting a good life you need to have a good education and a good job to have a good life.
For some people life is enjoyable. Because they might have a good job. Others have no worries. For them they have a good life and a good job to support that. Because of that is that they worked hard for it or they got lucky.
For others they just don't care. For them they just need to get things done. One way or another way to just get on with their life because they don't care is that they have a bad life. Or they have nothing to live for. So I hope I don't turn out that way.
Please keep in mind the abridged essay, which went on in this vein for six paragraphs, in the most this student has ever written. We do a lot of blogging in this class - maybe there is a connection?
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