Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My students are amazing!

Today I had a great student say this in his journal entry:
Schools should use video games to teach because I still remember everything about that game and I haven't played it in nine years. So if we used video games in the education system students would remember more stuff.
WOW! That is only one good reason to use games in education! Now what would everyone say if we used cell phones in the classroom? Horrors!

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Kelly Christopherson said...

I guess it depends what we were using them for and what the outcome would be. I think that video games serve a great purpose and can do amazing things but they do things in a very different way than what we do in school. I can still remember the games I played, like, 25 years ago. I'm still pretty good! I've also learned a whole pile of new and differen things as I've tried to master different games. I learn different things from games than from school. Not completley seperate but there are differences. Yeah, we need to look at video games and cellphones and laptops and a whole group of other technologies - but we also need to decide for what purpose.