Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My 21st century students!

They have started including technorati tags at the end of their blog posts! Now that may seem like old hat to you, but to me this is a major breakthrough! And I have at least two who are using RSS aggregators regularly, almost all having signed up for those aggregators. Small beans to most, but in middle school this is big! We will be using this skill when we review the Horizon Project next week.
So as we round the corner towards the end of the year and I have students literally begging me not to stop their blogs, what skills and strategies do I need to impart to them?
What skill set will they need to allow them to excel as Christians in the 21st century? The ability to communicate effectively and to vessels in His service are at the top of the list. We are working on class commercials and we will be peer review sounding boards for the Horizon Project.
I want to be able to facilitate these kids in developing these strategies, not teach these kids because they are not tabula rasa, they are brimming full of intelligence which just needs pulled out...I hope I am equal to the task!
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Graham Wegner said...

I am shocking at technorati tags and have only used them several times in total in over 300 blog posts - maybe it's why my ranking isn't so high. I tend to just use WordPress categories and hope for the best. There has to be an easy way to embed them...

Kim Cofino said...

I'm with Graham - I just can't seem to get into the habit of using the technorati tags.

I think I either:

a) need to be convinced that they're worth the effort


b)find an easy way to embed them so that they're as intuitive as the WordPress categories.

Durff said...

Warlick has a cool tag generator that does all the work for you! And categories make sense to middle school minds (go figure).