Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Houston - do we have a problem?

Web 2.0 has arrived. We have moved past our roots in a static medium to an Internet where all users create & continually interact with and transform information. How will teachers meet the challenge? Yes, Houston, we have a problem, and we will not survive unless we solve it.
The Digital Natives, who are in my classroom now have Web 2.0 expectations and they are frankly bored at my Web 1.0 style of teaching.
Against that impossible background are the parents of these Digital Natives. They don't understand why educators bother, why I want to change, why I don't play school.
Not to forget my teaching cohorts who believe, and maybe rightly so, that I have plum lost it. They saw results in the lecture method, all kids facing front, predictable assignments made from predictable lectures year after year. Who should argue with results?
But will we continue to have results? The US rankings in education are falling, last I heard. I need to get with the program and learn so I can teach these challenging natives.

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