Friday, April 27, 2007


Spiritual discipline contains several elements. Like those wrinkles - there is a lot sqooshed up inside a wrinkle. The discipline of prayer...the discipline of giving...disciplining the tongue...disciplining the gets the picture.
There is also digital discipline. While I won't go to movies and I won't own a t.v., I very much need to develop more digital discipline. It is easy to waste an entire day online, accomplishing nothing substantial. That is a luxury I reserve for vacations, I do need to better structure my online time to get more done.
Part of getting more done includes judicious use of RSS, calendars, audio-notes to colleagues, anything that saves me time. I need to discipline myself in order to open up more time for prayer, reading books, face-to-face relationships.
We are created for relationship by our creator. Digital tools are meant to be used so we could serve Him better, not be monopolised by the digital landscape.
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