Saturday, April 28, 2007


Do online conversations occur in a finite space and time? I just read something in my aggregator that directed a poster to post on another website because that was where the conversation was occurring. I most heartily disagree!
The beauty of our online conversations are that a human does NOT have to be in a certain locale in order to converse with others. It's like going to Aunt Arlene's house to talk to her (Hi, Aunt Arlene!)
Conversing online is better compared to a brain. It's a jungle. Not neat rows of desks or chairs, not symmetrical anything. Our brains are attracted to asymmetry. That Cruise guy is an example. Look closely at his face. It is not symmetrical. But all the ladies swoon...
So when we redirect anyone to another blog because that is where that particular conversation is occurring...I can surmise that we just don't get it. And I thought he did.
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Simon said...

I whole heartly agree. That's what aggregators are for, what Technorati does, isn't it? Bringing the conversation from the four corners of the globe, so to speak, to you so you can participate.

An example: Thank you for posting a comment on my blog, all the way over here in New Zealand.