Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Are you an Island?

There is a famous saying about every man (and woman) being an island. In education, especially PreK-5, it seems that we walk into our classrooms and close the door. There ends collaboration, and hence best practices. Wes Fryer categorizes the Web 2.0 tools thus:
A) Collaborative
B) Research
C) Digital Storytelling
We can, of course, accomplish all those things without using Web 2.0 tools. We must remember our perspective. Our focus is to prepare effective citizens who will be successful in tomorrow's economy. Since the students are engaged by Web 2.0 tools and captivated by their use, it seems wise that educators learn not only how to use these tools, but how to facilitate their use by students.
The power of these tools can be hypnotic and overwhelming. When harnessed to meet needs, these Web 2.0 tools can effectively increase literacies, save time, & help students focus their study.
The majority of educators in the USA have not embraced the new technologies. Rather than wasting time wondering (at which I excel) the education of our peers is most important. The usefulness of Web 2.0 tools, the pertinence to our practice, the applications to good teaching, somehow these things need to be communicated.
I feel I often fall short of these worthy aspirations.
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