Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The point of school...

A student wrote:
The point of school is to learn and I think that it is often considered the only way to learn but I learn more outside of school because is real. school is like practice before the game but its not the same as a game. although practice is important its like staying in the locker room the whole time and never getting any game time. life is fun it is something that most people don't appreciate life but I will and I do think class is nessesary but its not the only thing to life.
My response:
How very true. I am ready to bring you into more authentic applications, however
I need to see that you will engage. I cannot sign this class up to work in collaboration
with another class if we, as a whole, do not even complete our homework in a timely
Why must school take place in a specific place and at specific time? I think that is
the entire argument in a nutshell between industrial age schools and digital age
How do you all feel?

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Scott Meech said...

I think the biggest problem that needs to be overcome with the idea of changing the school day is the idea of daycare. I believe our public school system is underfunded, over criticized, and under appreciated because it is used as glorified day care system.

I believe we have the ability to make true change and be radical in our thinking but our country has become to dependent on sending our kids to a school for a set time period.