Thursday, March 15, 2007

Open Book Mem (or get a life?)

This is Dembo’s fault, isn’t it? I have Meebo, which brings together AIM, MSN, & Yahoo so my students can always ask me stuff. Alice may want to get that.
I have a 7th grade blog & HS blog at Blogmeister. My professional, or unprofessional, blog is Durff’s Blog
I have several student wikis at PBwiki and wikispaces. My Skype is mrsdurff.
Fellow educators will understand why I cannot list my student spaces here, although they all do love comments. I always encourage parents to visit. At least one parent has his kid’s blog in his RSS aggregator.
And remember, this is all Dembo’s fault!
I don’t see anywhere that I have to tag anyone, so I will tag sendkathy and wesfryer!

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