Friday, March 23, 2007

The most important things to my students...

The most important thing to me right now at this point in life is nothing. I say this because life is @@@@ and nothing good ever becomes of it. I guess if I had to pick something I would say graduation just so that I can get out of school and be able to stop feeling like I;m letting everyone down. This doesn't look like it's going to happen though because I can't pass my English and Computer class because my teachers don't see that I'm doing my best.
I think if teachers would get over this going to college stuff they would see how hard I really am working in school due to the fact college isn't for me. When teachers hear that from me they give me this line about when I enter the full time work force I can't treat my job like I do my school as if I don't already know that, I'm not retarded. To those teachers, if you would over come to a job I've had you would see that I don't do that because work is something I have an interest in. At my jobs I've always gone above and beyond what the expect. Thats why when it comes to non-school related work I'm just about everybody that knows me go to guy, because I work hard and I always get it done.

Technology is evolving more and more everyday. In my opinion it will be the downfall of mankind. One day the world will be so safe that we will over populate the planet. Less than one percent of the population are farmers as it is. The truth is, even know it sounds bad is that humans have to die. If we didn't die then we would run out of room on the planet and probably all die out almost. Put it like this the world is so safe that it's not safe, could you imagine this whole world everyone on this planet being one big riot? I'm not saying we don't need to advance, but that we really need to take these faults into hand before making all cars drive themselves and have no highway injuries. I think we would go nuts. You couldn't just go out for a leisure ride you would hop in your car and say "to Hollywood" and it drives you there.

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Jeff said...

To the student: Life is the journey. Sometime you paddle, sometime you just steer. Sometime the ride is smooth, sometime it is rough. Sometime you will enjoy it, sometime you will not. It is your journey, your life. In the end, you and your journey will be inseparable. To bemoan your life is to bemoan yourself.
Technology is used by people. Some people, like your teacher here, are attempting to use it for good. Trust her.
(As for farming, find out how much Scotty Pippen received from the government last year not to farm farmland he owns!)