Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Vickie's Query

Your Essential question of the day!
How are you connecting your classroom? How are you getting connected? Are you connecting so that you can learn? Are you modeling the kind of person that they will need to be?

I am trying to connect with each student in a personal way and also spurring them on to greater heights. Some are willing, some are blocked by others or themselves, trapped in an industrial schema of school. I have not yet connected with these students, and some are seniors, so unless something happens fast (and never underestimate the power of our Lord) or they continue to converse with me past graduation...
I tell students about what I learn and what I don't yet know all the time. I want to foster intrinsic motivatiom in each of them. They have come to expect that seat-time equals taking a course. It really has very little to do with seat-time.
The ones that are intrinsically motivated already use technology to connect, even over holidays and weekends (and yes snow days like today). I don't stress out about them. It's the other ones, and their parents, about whom I worry. I figure the teachers who teach in accordance with the industrial model should know better and they have college degrees....crass, I know.
How are we getting connected? I sound like a commercial for Will Richardson...blogs, wikis, podcasts. We seek to collaborate with other schools. Currently we are collaborating with a classroom in another state on creating wikis. It's difficult to get students and parents to understand that groups do not need to meet in order to collaborate...but I trek on.....and miles to go before I sleep...

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