Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Is using all the resources at hand really cheating?

I had a long circular discussion with students today about resources. Some students have been actually doing what I say (and that is surprising in itself). They have been looking up and learning vocabulary words before the test, then bringing those notes that they spend time making to the test with them. Considering that Einstein did not know his phone number, but knew where to access this information, I find nothing wrong with this. It is, after all, an educational process. One student couldn't believe that he could "cheat" and I had a difficult time convincing him that using resources is not cheating. When these kids graduate, they will need the skills that I teach them. Memorization, except maybe their passwords which most write down anyway, is not one of those necessary skills. The ability to use resources, to find information, to narrow topics, to collaborate, to use technology for their own purposes, these are the skills they will need.

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Drussell said...

I love this type of thinking! When I was in the classroom, I also allowed my students to use a notes sheet. They really thought they had one over on me :-) Little did they know that I was trying to prepare them for the "real world".

We need to teach them how to locate information and use it, not memorize it. Great post!