Monday, February 5, 2007

The Bell

The school bell does not define learning. Learning does not magically end when the class ends, so why should any of us feel confined by a schedule? We are not blank slates, we are a complex amalgam of several millions of firing dendrites.
School objectives must include goals that will be useful to the students during their entire lives. These goals include successful collaboration, successful networking, successful use of 21st century technology.
We all need to hunger after integration into other subject areas. We all are teachers of Reading, Mathematics, Physics, Foreign Languages, History. We may individually specialize, but we all have many things outside our areas of specialization which we know how to teach.
Content must be sacrificed in favor of depth. We have been trying to write on student's mind, instead of facilitating their deeper understandings of every topic. Many times I contend with other adults who worry about topic coverage rather than student's ability . We need to teach students HOW to learn, rather than what to learn.

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