Monday, January 15, 2007

Webcast Academy class of 2.1

I have joined the Webcast Academy's Webcasting class of 2.1 despite the many mechanical, both hardware and software, issues that I face. Every time I boot the computer, I must play with the sound and each time it wants to set it a different way until it works. I have successfully completed assignment #1 and were I grading it, I would give me a "D+". It's that bad! It was recording an introduction and posting it on the website. Saving was my main issue. I finally braved Audacity, found and fixed the echo problem and recorded. But in order to save as an mp3, I had to save it as an mp2. For this I needed a LAME file and Winzip, both of which I had to find on the web and download. Then I finally could upload, and I think I even did that wrong. But Lee tells me it is ok. I hope she's right.

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