Thursday, December 7, 2006

Sonic Creativity

What are the essential skills that will be needed by 21st century citizens. Which skills will be brand new, like blogging, and which skills will have enduring qualities, like critical analysis? Can we start a list of those skills?
creating online blogs
recording podcasts
reviewing material via a wiki
time management
writing well-developed essays


Durff said...

RWB How about the ability to critically analyze the abundance of information and determine/discern the usefulness and accuracy of that information? The difficulty facing our future generations will not be finding information as much as it will be to be able to objectively analyze and think critically about that information. Pontius Pilate’s question–”Truth? What is truth?”–requires that our students have a standard by which to measure/filter all that bombards them with this explosion of in-your-face technology. We must teach them “textual intelligence”(Jim Burke).

Durff said...

Yes! Mr. Dobbs (or is that Sir Dobbs?) says we need to discern betweeen primary and secondary sources (& tertiary sources too) as well as discern "Googled" versus peer-reviewed journals. Is a wiki, like Wikipedia, as valuable or accurate as a peer-reviewed journal, like JAMA?

Durff said...

21st Century Skills:
Global Awareness