Monday, December 11, 2006


The current issue of the Journal of Educational Psychology has an interesting study on the relationship between motivation and emotion in students. Based heavily on previous research which showed that students display positive emotions in classes where they perceive they have some control over activities and achievement, the researcher found that students who set "achievement goals" for themselves, experience pride in their work, but students who set "mastery goals" show more enjoyment of learning and hope as well as pride in their work. Pekrun, R.; Elliot, A.; & Maier, M. (2006). Journal of Educ. Psychology, Vol 98(3), 583-597.
This research does not seem to apply to some upper classmen that I try to motivate. It does sound like the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.


Durff said...

What motivates students intrinsically and extrinsically and which real world experiences would benefit them the most?
Am I providing these incentives and experiences?

Durff said...

Someone else said:
“Never in 25 years of teaching have I seen a more powerful motivator for writing than blogs.” … “And that’s because of the audience. Writing is not just taped on the refrigerator and then put in the recycle bin. It’s out there for the world to see. Kids realize other people are reading what they write” – Mark Ahlness