Sunday, December 17, 2006


If students lack the ability to discern validity of sources, can they be considered literate? Is literacy defined by 20th century skills of decoding and encoding language, as I was taught? Or could literacy be redefined as the ability to critically analyze, apply, evaluate materials in any medium? This sounds a lot like Bloom's taxonomy!
If this redefinition is true, with what skills/strategies do we need to equip them before graduation?


Doug Dobbs said...

I'm not so sure I want to redefine literacy. Do we no longer have to be literate in the old sense? Clearly not. However, one might call it "online literacy" or simply "critical thinking" to understand and legitimately use the so called "new media."

The more I look at Bloom the more value I see.

As for what skills to equip them...
no matter the label, they have to be able to find quality information, assess it's worth and relevance, then communicate it meaningfully to others. I think no one will rise in the new culture that's coming without those skills, as simple and as complex as they are.

Durff said...

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