Thursday, December 7, 2006


Schools where collaboration is the norm are more effective than their counterparts. How can BCA foster this school-wide collaboration? I believe one way we can collaborate in our time crunched society is to contribute to the bca wiki and blog, which I will continue whether you all are brain-dead or not.


Durff said...

I am currently collaborating with a teacher in Georgia. I am planning to collaborate with one in Connecticut.

Durff said...

Great discussion last night on worldbridges! At one point, there were 29 in the discussion because Skype was on the blink!!

Durff said...

What a wonderful time talking to myself. Who knows what I might say? It would behoove the faculty at BCA to engage in a collaborative conversation in order to improve our instruction, widen our learnings, and sharpen our delivery. Anyone game?