Monday, February 15, 2010

Of what use is homework?

I just participated in a conversation in Elluminate with Alfie Kohn. This was organised by Steven Anderson of The Educator's PLN. This was an exciting talk with over 100 people in attendance, including a classroom or 7th graders in their computer class.
During the talk, Alfie Kohn made point that there is no study published in any peer-reviewed journal that demonstrates that homework adds value to learning. This is timely and valuable information as I struggle to defend my no homework policy. I am forced to give grades, so we have participation points, quickwrite points, as well as engagement points. The class average is over 100% as we pass the half way mark in marking period 3.
Alfie Kohn has written 11 books, one of which, The Schools Our Children Deserve he talks about in a CNN Video Library video stream --> Here. This recording of Alfie Kohn is about 80 minutes and well worth a listen.
I enjoyed this talk during my lunch today. A wonderful President's Day! I hope the Educator's PLN soon hosts more events!

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