Monday, October 5, 2009

Enabling Social Studies with Technology

I visited 1st grade the other day and found them in the national garb of China. They were eating Chinese food. To enhance their study of China, I located a 1st grade classroom and suggested a collaboration centered around a VoiceThread. This platform will enable us to upload pictures and add audio comments. Then the other classroom can add their comments.
I was just reading a post by gsiemens on his elearnspace were he says the role of technology is to enable learning. This is exactly how we are using technology in 1st grade without perhaps realising it. He also mentions that technology enables connections. It is through technology that I found the 1st grade classroom in China and through technology that the kids will be connected.
The main thrust of skills in this century are Connections, Communications, Collaborations. George is, as always, more eloquent in expressing this and what he says here really resonates with me.
How are you using technology to enable learning this week? (To be fair, our VoiceThread project will take at least 3 weeks, since I only see 1st grade once per week during a planning period).

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