Saturday, July 11, 2009

3 - 2 - 1 for Fall 2009

[Abysmally late due to connection difficulties, but better late than never I say]
This is a post for Leadership Day as organised by Scott McLeod at

Three Things Administrators / Educators are doing well:

  1. Providing a free public education for grades K through 12
  2. Delivering district approved curriculum in their classrooms
  3. Managing classes of 20 to 30 students
Two Things They Could Do
  1. Develop a learning network & connect with their network once a day for 10 minutes
  2. Read educational news / views for 10 minutes per day
One Technology Tool They Could Use Right Now
  1. An RSS Reader 10 minutes per day
How to Use an RSS Reader? Well first, you must know RSS means Really Serious Stressrelief. Your stress, that is. The purpose of a reader is to make your life easier. Think of magazines / newspapers that come to you through the mail at home. This is essentially what a reader will do. Current articles are delivered to your reader for you, instead of you roaming around the web in order to keep up to date.
I use Google Reader, although there are other good readers. A good explanation of RSS is the CommonCraft video at There is an excellent explanation of how to set up your Google Reader by Wesley Fryer at

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