Thursday, June 25, 2009

The NECC Challenge

Read Jen's post, and totally copying her, I challenge those attending NECC to draw in new names to the conversation. Then tell everyone how you did that on your blog. How could you draw in someone new? Here are some ideas:

  • Put up a live stream from a session at NECC (ask the presenter first!) and advertise this on Twitter, Plurk, Jaiku, Classroom 2.o, or your favorite socialnetwork.
  • Invite someone you have in your network to a stream or liveblogging. In Twitter, this is done with the @ symbol. (remember to ask the presenter!)
  • Ask someone from your school to join you in cyberspace to watch or listen to a session (ask that presenter!)
  • Show/Tell someone where a live stream to a NECC session is and help them connect. This would be someone else's stream.
  • Find someone outside of North America and help them connect to a NECC session.
Okay folks, those are the challenges. Can you deliver on any of them? Oh, and lastly, get a photo of Alice Mercer in a blonde wig.
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jennylu said...

Good on you Lisa. I always know that you are the on the button knowing where the live streams are. I'll watch your tweets closely over the next couple of days. You're the tornado chaser of conference presentations -and that's a compliment!

Jenny Luca.