Sunday, October 19, 2008

We Are What We Share

The Ambassador Choir shared with their director recently. They surprised her with $900 for her car repairs. These are high school students who organised themselves (connecting), told each other about the project (communicating), and came together with a card, cash, balloons, & cupcakes (collaboration) to share with their director. They are displaying proficiency in 21st century skills!
Charles Leadbeater gave a TED Talk in July 2005 in which he suggests that previous centuries were about mass production for mass consumption. Think about the 1950s, which were all about mass production. The USA was very successful at this.
There is now a new kid in town. In the 21st century (it's already 2008!) and beyond it is all about mass innovation = mass creativity. The conversations of any & everyone are what counts. Sharing now defines who we are. Just as the high school kids I described are now defined by what they shared. I know that is a very simple, offline example and doesn't really show the vast complexity of it all.
Here is the link to Leadbeater's TED Talk for you to consider: (It won't let me embed right now)
TED video is covered under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NonDerivative license

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