Monday, September 1, 2008

Preconference in SL

I followed a twitter from KJ Hax yesterday to a preconference session. It was held at the International Schools Island in Second Life. I choose a comfortable beanbag chair and listened to four speakers including David Warlick & Alan Levine, both of whom will travel to Shanghai for the Learning 2.008 conference. There are two more preconference events in Second Life on the next two Sundays, 7th September & 14th September. More information here.
While there, I forgot to snap a picture for this article, so we will have to do without. The speakers talked about tagging and librarians, among other topics. If you haven't been in SL lately, I encourage you to give it a try. Every Sunday there is a discussion at the Blogger's Cafe in SL, open to all. More information is available at the wiki.


LifeLongLearner said...

Save a beanbag chair for me on Sept. 7 and 14th.

You are good at kinding inviting me to reach out of my comfort zone into the SL learning zone.

mrsdurff said...

I'll be looking for you!

David Warlick said...


You can go to the following URL to see all pictures associated with the Learning 2.008 conference and Second Life.

This URL represents a search of Flickr for images with learn2cn and Second Life in the title or description.

I hope to be at the Sunday pre-conference as well.