Saturday, August 9, 2008

Our Network Poem

I'm sorry I didn't yet post the wonderful creativity of our network. We collaborated on this between August 3rd and August 4th:

There once was a plurker, not much of a lurker,
Typing and tweeting all day,
Quick to share,
And show she cares,
She never slept,
but she fret that her cyber friends would not rhyme.

One day she awoke to find Twitter was broke,
And all of her comments were lost
She got onto her network
And boy they did not shirk,
Soon Twitter ...... came forth
With all of its worth
To give advice and consolation
To ensure that not all had been lost.

With past conversation
changing the kids' education
in Social Networks galore,
The Plurkers and Twits
threw the greatest of fits
inside schools behind firewalled doors!

Photo courtesy of Ross Mayfield taken April 27, 2006 available at and licensed by Creative Commons as Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0.

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