Saturday, July 5, 2008


On Fri & Sat I asked Plurkers, Powncers, & Tweeters a question:

    Poll: Is the overall intent of the edublogosphere to disseminate or to hang on tightly to intellectual content? Do you care?

I received these responses:

  • the former, and I yes I do care.
  • The intent often appears to be 'preaching to the choir'. Lots sharing between the "haves", but little recruitment of "have nots"
  • Absolutely to disseminate and share. If not, how can we model life long learning habits to our students. We are smarter together!!
  • Not sure about the edublogosphere; my intent is to use social tools to reach students, it's always about the kids
  • I think the intent varies by person. For me, it's sharing what I'm doing & also to learn from others.
  • It's also a place where I can touch base with people with similar interests. I don't have as many at my school or district.
  • i hope it is to disseminate because I think it is very important that we connect and collaborate
  • I hope it's to disseminate! I want to learn AND share
  • I believe it is in its earliest stages of "true" dissemination. Knowledge is meant to be shared among the masses.
  • content is no longer important. As Michael Wesch says, not knowledgeable but knowledge-able. Do I care? I care that we are moving forward.
  • i definitely care and appreciate the intellectual content that everyone shares via blog, microblogs, podcasts, streaming videos, etc.
  • i couldn't grow and help others grow and develop professionally without the resources that have been shared via blogs and microblogs
  • that the overall intent of a large group of different-minded people with some common interests is always a challenging concept to nail down.
  • However, those in the edublogosphere strike me as people that share easily. Few have "created" the new knowledge they present.
  • Teachers have always been willing to share their ideas and the blogosphere has finally given us a chance to do it to a global audience.
  • I care. It actually does both - being a place where information is made available and then adopted or rejected.
  • I care and fellow plurkers have stated their views so well, I appreciate the edblosphere for disseminating information
  • the edublogsphere is for sharing and disseminating. Unfortunately not all teachers are comfortable with this yet - we're working on it
  • Teachers by nature are a sharing group. I'm grateful to all who so willingly share through blogs, podcasts, etc.
  • some classroom teachers not so into sharing, tech loving teachers by nature are lifelong learners and big on sharing
  • I care, and I think the intent should be to disseminate more than it should be to hang onto content.
  • and I think that if a teacher isn't into sharing, they are not into authentic learning and maybe they are on the wrong career path.
  • Sharing is important - I think that is my goal. I hope to receive info but also hope to give some away.
  • we should share and help without giving a thought for how it benefits ourselves, that is until you are struggling to put food on the table
  • those who wish to hang on to intellectual content shouldn't complain about those who are lagging behind.

As one plurker noticed, this poll was poised three times. These were the answers (I think I got everyone!). I had hoped to elicit discussion from those who frequently keynote and/or lead sessions at major conferences. They remain silent.
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IMC Guy said...

So what are your thoughts? Did you get the answers you were expecting? I answered and I'm curious what you are thinking.

mrsdurff said...

I'm withholding my opinion - perhaps others would like to comment first? It is a holiday weekend here in the states.