Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Final Exam

I've been giving a final exam in my 8th grade computer class. It is not the typical "cram-the-night-before-the-knowledge-level-paper-and-pen" sort of test. They are challenged to create two products using software which I have never taught them.

Using Adobe PhotoShop Elements, they had to manipulate a picture of a striped animal, changing the stripes to neon. A learner who has only been in the class for three weeks, not only came early during his study hall to do the work (I publish work the night before and learners see it in their RSS) but completed the first task within five minutes. So much for my final.

The smile on his face when he had accomplished that was priceless. I have to buy a camera this summer to capture those smiles! I'm not sure of the animal but here is his picture:

Another learner joined the class last month. He took his picture took a little longer but he had just as much fun:

I was chatting with another faculty member about the exam. He is more tech savvy than he likes to admit. He mentioned that he would not be able to pass my exam. Makes me feel a wee bit better.
The 2nd product they make is a greeting card. Wonder how long that will take them?
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Scott S. Floyd said...

These are great! Thanks for sharing, Lisa. While we muddle through tech literacy assessment on a large scale here in Texas, these are the things we should keep in mind for portfolio assessment. Thanks so much!