Saturday, April 26, 2008

Be Disruptive - Publish your own book!

Seymour High School Web Design are being extremely disruptive. Students each wrote a chapter in a book and published their book on Lulu.
I encourage the edublogger community to support this disruption by purchasing a copy. I challenge Mr. Schneider's students to donate proceeds to a worthy cause.
My students completed such a project, donating all proceeds to our school for the school auction. Empowering students in this way is disruptive and essential. As someone wise has said, we are preparing learners for their future.
I applaud the Web Design students at Seymour High!
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1 comment:

Mr. Schneider said...

We set the profit at $0. Keeping track was too much of a hassle. Maybe in the future if it becomes more of a regular thing. We also set the download for free--but Lulu doesnt track downloads so we have no idea how many people have seen it.