Wednesday, February 27, 2008


We've heard the warnings about phishing scams. Advice how to prevent falling victim to a phishing scam are rampant. But now there is vishing.
Vishing is a new type of scam using VOIP answering clients. Scammers attempt to steal identities by conning people into calling into a site and giving out personal information.
If you receive a voicemail warning you of an account problem - be wary! Recipients are asked to call a toll-free number & provide account numbers, passwords, and/or SS#s.
Don't fall for it! If you have any question about your account, go f2f and talk to someone at your financial institute. Or use a phone number that you know is genuine and not toll-free. Ask the person to whom you speak for authentication information, like the details of a recent transaction you have made.
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