Sunday, December 23, 2007

What makes a good image?

Hanspeter Pfister, Harvard Professor, recently spoke about effective visualisations. This is a right-brained intelligence, to use popular terms, that represents information in ways that left-brained linguistic academicians don't comprehend quickly. Visualisations are at their core patterns.
Patterns are everywhere. Programming requires our brains to see patterns. Musical ability requires hearing patterns. Design used in many fields involves recognising, using, & creating patterns. Shareski recently created a wellknown keynote address involving principles of design. Computer programming requires manipulation of patterns.
Being a learner in k12, I see a need for me to devote more time to choosing & using effective images with fellow learners. Learners will use this skill in business applications, in creations of their own, & in programming computers I can't even imagine.
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