Monday, December 17, 2007

Digital Communications

It is necessary to teach learners how to have digital communications. It is not innate, it is a learned skill. Learners need to be safe, be courteous, & be understood. These lessons are best scaffolded beginning in the intermediate grades. Digital Communications is a 21st century skill that empowers learners, making them better learners, better thinkers, & better producers.

Seventh grade learners in my class today played a game about instant messaging safety, took a quiz, then IM'd me the results. These learners flew through the expectations today, quickly getting to the games/Meebo section of the class. These learners, how will I keep up with them?

After students IM'd me their scores, I included them in a Meebo room for our class. Since I was busy responding and recording as well, they quickly lost interest and went their own ways. We did succeed in creating several aliases and Meebo accounts today and learned about IM safety. I'm still trying to coax a famous blogger to show up digitally on Wednesday to teach us about the necessity of creating and using a pseudonymn online. Any takers?
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