Saturday, November 10, 2007

Touch at a distance

After listening to this Radio Lab podcast, I am very intrigued by the description of sound as touch at a distance. Howard Gardner has described intelligence as multiple intelligences. One of those intelligences is musical intelligence.
Isn't it interesting that music is made up of sounds which are just touch at a distance. Could all the intelligences defined by Gardner really be an aspect of touch? Could touch be the real seat of intelligence?
Linguistic intelligence and logical-mathematical intelligence are generally considered not only those taught in schools but also those that occur within our minds. But even minds are resident within brains. Brains are gray matter connected by chemical processes. Even the rare brain disease I have is nothing more than a malformation that occurred because of chemicals. A touch that went wrong....
If this line of reasoning holds any water, we might be augmenting multiple intelligences by showing learners how to touch more effectively. There are currently nine intelligences. Nine ways of knowing.....through touch?
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