Saturday, October 27, 2007

Navel gazing reflection

Derek Wenmoth gave a k12Online2007 keynote entitled: Holding a Mirror to our Professional Practice
in which he challenges us to reflect not only inward (navel gazing - a great term!) but outward thinking critically how our use of technology augments the objectives.
Towards the end of this engaging keynote he asks us to consider several questions:
What are the mirrors you are holding to your practice?
Who are the mentors to whom you relate?
What professional reading do you do?
To which communities of practice do you belong?
Where do you record your ideas and reflections?
To which rss feeds do you subscribe?
When did you last visit someone else's classroom to observe?
When did you last present at a workshop and expose yourself to the scrutiny of others?
I can answer all but one, as whenever I enter a colleague's room, they stop teaching. I, however, am observed every class I teach. This is something on which I need to work..
If you have not yet enjoyed Derek's presentation, I urge you to do so now. Perhaps then drop by the When Night Falls session in is happening for five more hours.
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1 comment:

kenrodoff said...

How, for the love of all that is green, does one's RSS feeds apply to 'navel gazing'.

If anything, that question is more 'navel hoarding'.

I've seen many effective teachers whom no nothing of blogs, wikis, and RSS, and I'd argue they do a gosh-darn good job.

Just a shame they don't blog about their work! Or share it.

Oh, the surreptitious autonomy.