Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another Geek Night!

Like Janetta Garton had on Tuesday, I had another geek out evening on Wednesday! First I went to see the coolcat in her Ustream, then arthus bridged a skypeconference call with Ustream, followed by Teachers Teaching Teachers webcast at edtechtalk. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I also got nothing done which I had planned to do. Kristin also streamed a show where she and Vicki interviewed arthus. It is a must see.
I am thoroughly impressed, though not really surprised, that a 14 year old student accomplished what Will was unable to do. I'm not sure how he feels about that, but I think it is pretty cool, a sign of the times, and a red flag to us all. The frantically waving red flag is a warning. This generation is indeed powering down for school and powering up to learn after school. Teachers have got to get with the program now or be outdated. I for one don't want to be outdated.
We all need to integrate these tools into our classrooms right now, without delay!
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Janetta Garton said...

Durff, I so enjoy your blog, tweets, you sleep?