Saturday, September 15, 2007

Prepare yourself...

Our cultural models are shifting, changing, realigning. The status quo no longer satisfies, it no longer educates learners for tomorrow. The industrial age is over and although our schools still reflect that successful empire, they must change to survive. We are now not even in the digital world, we are beyond it. It came and went while we in education were sleeping.
We are now in the conceptual age. Our cultural models are changing to reflect this new emphasis. Those things to be emphasized in education include communication, collaboration, creativity. Stretching learners to reach new heights of Bloom's taxonomy and not being satisfied with only rote memorization is the shift towards the future.
I understand that there are educators who like closing the door and being 'king' of the classroom. I understand there are educators who look forward to retirements and look forward to always doing the same thing year after year, I understand. Unfortunately that is just not sufficient. To really prepare today's learners for tomorrow's world, our cultural models must change. We must do it now.
Learners need to own their learning. They need to direct their own educational paths. We must now only be willing, but we must lead the way and fast! How do we begin, the job is too vast. It is, that is the point. All stakeholders need to communicate, collaborate, and create the learning.
This thoughts are echoed with far more eloquence at the Learning 2.0 conference in Shanghai - listen here
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