Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Walls, barriers, hurdles, there is always something in our way. What distinguishes the educator from the complacent is willingness to bore throw, leap over, or crawl under those barricades.
I hope I am doing just that. I worry that I am not.

It's fascinating to me that Gee mentions kids are engrossed by difficult, complex, time-consuming tasks outside of school. Inside school such tasks are labeled inappropriate, too difficult & not motivating. Why?
What have we made of this thing called learning in school that is so very different for learners outside of school? Why do we insist on one right answer and inside the box answers. Today's kindergartners will graduate in 2020 (thank you Karl Fisch) and it is up to us to teach them to think outside the box without one right answer when they are in school. Why? So they will do it in their work environments too. We already see that learners can think this way and learn this way during recreational time.
I'm starting by assigning projects that have no one right answer and take time to complete. I remind learners that there is no one right answer for much of what we do. Already today, I showed everyone one way to do something and a learner showed me his way. He must have thought me strange when I applauded him. He was thinking outside the box.One down, thirty-one to go...
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Erin Frasco said...

When I was going through grade and middle school my teachers taught where there was a right answer for everything. I can recall being punished for not getting the exact right answer and feeling embarrassed of being put down in front of my peers. It is nice to know that I will not be teaching in a world like that. I want my future students to feel as though they can come up with their own unique answers and solutions to things and not feel embarrassed with the answer that they came up with. I am excited to know that in the near future I will be able to see all the wonderful, creative things my students will come up with on their own.