Monday, July 30, 2007

The Power of the Twitterverse

Much is being said about the uselessness of Twitter recently. Usually, such comments originate from people who are not acquainted with John Pederson. But let me share an example of the power of Twitter...
On Twitter, I follow about 115 people. I took a course this summer for my teacher certification about which I knew nothing. (Foolish you say, you're probably right) I needed pictures of students for my course and school was on holiday. What to do?
I twittered that I needed pics of students at computers and voila! I received pics from several teachers!
Then I played with the software, seeking help on twitter when i needed it. Then I posted the link and sought analysis from twitter. I might have had to badger them, since most people offered validation, not analysis.
I had the opportunity to improve my movie by following a lot of constructive criticism. I did. The Twitterverse earned an 'A' on the course.
This is the power of Twitter! It is phenomenal that my network is immediately accessible. Join the Twitterverse!
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Kevin Sandridge said...

Hey Durff! I talk to you so much on Skype that I realized I never added you to my Twitter "following" list! Bad monkey.

I am amazed at the connectivity Twitter affords us all, and I really loved Vicky Davis' article about the value of Twitter.

Your "call out" to the Twitterverse serves as an example for us all to rely on our network of friends and fellow professionals when the going gets tough out there in Web 2.0 world. Or - as Kevin Honeycutt just twittered in - you just "need a break!" from training!

Carla Arena said...

Dear Durff,

Our connections certainly straightened because of Twitter! Who can say it's bad? Even recipes I'm getting there! It really gives me input with wonderful resources, readings, etc, plus the fun part of it. Twitterverse, connections, construction.


Rachel Boyd said...

Alas, twitter is something I am not presently using.... however I do use the twitter-like function on Facebook. I update it about once a day and have been enjoying getting the updates from my friends. Sometimes I worry that I have nothing interesting or new enough to record for my "Rachel is...." !!

How many times a day do you twitter? Are you addicted like Graham W!!??

Pat Ruffing said...

Hi Durff,

Based on your post and also Vicki's post that Kevin refers to and I had read previously, I may try out Twitter, though I am not sure with whom I would be twittering. I like to learn how everything works and decide if it is something that has value and purpose, and I was really undecided on this one. My daughter so often leaves away messages on AIM such as "taking a shower" and "out for food" and I think, well...who cares where you are every minute and why is it anyone's business (except your mother's)? You are accessible by cell phone day and night. But of course, they all do this, and that is the nature of the digital native.

I honestly don't think I would have anything to post...I don't get around to all the conferences (jealous) and don't go basically anywhere exciting that anyone would want to know about. No great vacation...just doing tech work at school all summer. However, I would have been able to send you an image for your course and would have felt good helping out a fellow teacher. So maybe that is really the underlying purpose...having a ready connection or support network when needed. Being ready to share at a moment's notice or asking for help and not being surprised when it comes pouring in.

But building the network may take a long time. I have been reading other people's blogs for so long. Though I finally started myself, I feel like I am mostly just taking (by soaking up everyone else's great ideas) and not having much to give back right now. But I am trying to work on my skills so that I can offer the opportunity to my students.And maybe someday I will have something worth reading by other teachers.

So in the meantime, I appreciate your sharing of ideas. It has helped me to grow...even to attempting to dip a toe into the "twitterverse".

Durff said...

Pat - do you skype? Have email where i can send a screen shot for an example?

Pat Ruffing said...

skype pat.ruffing

olphlab at ptd dot net

Thanks, Durff!

Brian Crosby said...

Durff - nice post, seems like others have had similar experiences, trying to not go over 140 characters, : )

Terry Freedman said...

Hi, Durff

My article ( didn't say Twitter was useless, just that classroom use of it entailed looking at management and inclusion issues.

If all pro-Twitter articles were as well-reasoned as yours, there'd be less of a problem with its being accepted in some circumstances.