Thursday, July 19, 2007

Frustrating, life enhancing learning

“...learning is or should be both frustrating and life enhancing. The key is finding ways to make hard things life enhancing so that people keep going and don’t fall back on learning and thinking only what is simple and easy.” (Gee, 2003)

When learning anything, this is so true. This is especially true when learning technologies. I heard this same sentiment echoed this evening by a teacher in the Teachers Teaching Teachers webcasts from the National Writing Project in Chico, California. She found podcasting frustrating but once she got the hang of it she describes ways this technology can enhance the lives of her students. That is what it is all about folks.

Many of you know, I have been very frustrated with the course I am taking. When I finally got the captured video (though poorly), the student I taped gave me several ways that technology could enhance his learning. I continue to learn because of the possibility of enhancing the lives of students.
I would be interested to know what others think. Please leave your comments below.
Gee, J.P. (2003). What video games have to teach us about learning and literacy. New York, N.Y.: Palgrave Macmillan.
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Cathy Nelson said...

I went through this when I first started trying to capture video. I had my dig video cameras a full year before i would even touch them. It took my then 16yo to convince me of how to go about capturing my video. If only I had listened to him. I spent a lot of times being mad, angry, frustrated, and downright beaten by a silly camera. Once I mastered it, I felt the need share in my network circles. Wow i could have written a book! But some good came out of it...I presented this story at our state edtech conference and FETC in 2006 as well. Wound up being a very rewarding experience. And my school began using those cameras for real editing and making some dynamic digital stories.