Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Connected Curriculum - Relevant Reality

How do we change the inertia we observe in education today? Kathy explores this at The Bloggers Cafe I agree that we can't wait around until life is peachy keen. But also we cannot accept the status quo, as someone mentioned recently. The state of US education today is unacceptable. It cannot remain this way, but it will if we, those who 'get it' do nothing. Daniel Pink says in Whole New Mind that by 2010, one on four computer jobs will be outsourced. Is this inevitable? Or is this what could happen?
It is imperative that we create curriculum in our schools now that prepares tomorrow's workers to change that statistic.
My poor principal says he can't keep up with me, and I'm just getting started. By integrating technology seamlessly into curriculum that connects learners to 'the real world' and their futures, we will make their educations more relevant to their lives. By facilitating critical analysis, collaboration, & creativity into the courses I teach, I can begin. But is not enough. I need to find ways for other faculty and staff at my school to do these things. I need to pick up the pace. Poor principal, he thought he couldn't keep up with me last year...
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E Scherr said...

I often say that for education to change we must move away from the dig a mile wide mentality and enter into the mindset of digging a mile deep. As India and China develop and improve upon their education systems, it is only inevitable that some jobs will be outsourced. We are seeing this now.
I am honestly okay with this, so long as the good, high paying, jobs stay here.

I agree that we need to revamp our education system. We first need to start with ending No Child Left Behind. Once we do this, anything becomes possible.

NCLB is up for reauthorization. Contact your representative and let them know why their support for NCLB will end your support of them keeping their job.

Tracy Rosen said...

Poor principal, indeed ;)

I loved reading this post as it echoes my own views on the matter. In Understanding the Machine I reflect on the need for teacher education...maybe we need to get a few of us like-minded educators together and develop some good PD that can answer to the needs of individual school communities.
Thanks for the great post,